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„Plankmara“ Ltd was founded in 1996, in Užusaliai village, Jonava district, Lithuania. Since company establishment we are producing a single-cut oak boards and double-cut oak elements, that are used in manufacturing of furniture, flooring, windows and doors. We provide drying services of oak elements.

In 1997 we started the production of solid oak floorboards. Our hardwood flooring brand name was „Litubel Staki Parket“. In 2006 we have created an exclusive dual-layer parquet -TOP-LAG wooden flooring for heated base. This product is made exclusively from oak wood. In 2011 we expanded our range of products and started to produce an engineered oak parquet. We produce a different types of flooring surface finishings: lacquered, oiled, smoked, brushed and aged.

New year 2015 we meet with new brand name "STAKI" and an even wider range of hardwood flooring.
"STAKI” beats it‘s competitors not only with a wide range of oak flooring, but also with a very high quality. Using of the latest technologies, high qualified stuff, allows us to achieve it.

The company is exporting it‘s products to Belgium, Finland, Germany, Norway, Great Britain, Sweden, Italy, Estonia, Latvia and many other countries around the world.

"STAKI“ brand you might see at international exhibitions like Domotex, Hytte, NORDBYGG, Euro parquet, Bau. It is also often participate in the construction and interior design trade exhibitions in Lithuania.

Our goal is, that the customer is satisfied with the high quality wooden flooring, that will entertain them for years.

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Company details

Address of factory "Staki oak floor"
''Plankmara'' JSC
Taikos str. 78, Užusaliai village,
Jonava district, LT-55333 Lithuania
Phone: +370 37 541303
E-mail: info@staki.lt



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