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STAKI sponsorship goal is to become part of society and promote social responsibility and contribute to the growth of welfare. We contribute to projects that increase the STAKI brand awareness, improve the image. We want to contribute to society in solving relevant issues.

Priority we provide to Lithuanian children's educational institutions, social and charitable projects, sports events. We do not endorse political parties or political activities of individuals and activities in other areas, which do not match with our company's goals.

At present, our company has the greatest support to road cycling team "STAKI", which previously called "Litubel Staki Parket". This year, to which team contributed students from Užusaliai village secondary school.

Our goal is to support and educate the young generation, improving village children's employment, willingness to reach it's target and personal development.

We are grateful to all, who have appreciated our support and willingness to help. We are happy that we can contribute.

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Address of factory "Staki oak floor"
''Plankmara'' JSC
Taikos str. 78, Užusaliai village,
Jonava district, LT-55333 Lithuania
Phone: +370 37 541303
E-mail: info@staki.lt



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