Oak floor -
from generation to generation

Staki invites you to meet with hardwood parquet manufacturing process.
Here combines highest quality oak wood and family values into long-lasting
comfort for your home!

Asphalt grey


Exclusive, modern design gives the interior a touch of elegance and luxury. Calm and natural floor colors create a stylish, cozy and pleasant home atmosphere.

Autumn oil


The flooring is one of the most important elements of the home interior. If you choose the parquet pattern and color correctly, your floor will look extremely impressive!

About us

About us

At Staki, we transform classic, premium oak wood into unique flooring for your home. 

As a three-decade-old family factory, we focus on quality, sustainability and innovation, allowing you to enjoy your oak floors for many years. 

Choose the best hardwood flooring for your home from our wide range of colors and enjoy it for a lifetime.