Provence style is originally from southwestern France. The Province region is rich in vineyards, olive groves, lavender fields and very picturesque French countryside panorama. In provencal interior is used a lot of wood parts, natural fiber fabrics, rough textured walls, wallpapers decorated with plants motifs. Only wooden flooring is used in provence interior style.
Staki oak floor colors of Provence collection varies from light gray to intense lavender blue. Dimmed shades of parquet will be the main focus of your home interior.

High-quality raw materials

STAKI oak flooring are made just from high quality raw materials.


STAKI oak floorboards will delight you for years.

An exclusive floor TOP-LAG

TOP-LAG - special construction oak floor, that spends more heat and is much more stable than the other floorboards.

Our greatest invention!

TOP-LAG floor - this is the result of many years of work. Made exclusively from oak wood, ideal for heated floors.

Oak flooring in the bathroom

Specially coated TOP-LAG flooring can be installed even in the bathroom.

Outstanding product

"Vintage" collection floor - an exclusive handmade product.

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